Prosperity Fortune Tree

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign

6 x 4

Lucky Spin


Win Ways


Max Win


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Stakes Range

$0.2 to $100

About this game

Prosperity Fortune Tree (PG Soft): Slot Review & Theme

PG Soft presents Prosperity Fortune Tree, a mobile-friendly slot game that builds upon the foundation of its predecessor, Tree of Fortune. The game is based on an Oriental legend where a farmer planted a mystical seed under divine guidance. The seed grew into a massive fortune tree. The majestic tree graces the backdrop, its leaves transforming into gold during the bonus round.

In the base game, players encounter the classic Gonzo mechanic feature, where successive wins trigger cascades and boost the win multiplier, potentially reaching a maximum of x5. The symbol set aligns with the theme of Asian culture, and the grid adopts a 6x4 layout with a partially translucent interface.

The game's highlight is the 'hold and win' style bonus round, amplified by two modifiers that enhance prize symbols. As players engage in this feature, the chance to achieve substantial rewards is heightened, with a realistic maximum win potential of 1,513x the initial wager.

Paytable and Bet Size

In Prosperity Fortune Tree, the innovative Bet Ways system takes center stage, introducing a dynamic approach to calculating wins. This system multiplies the number of winning symbols achieved across adjacent reels from the leftmost to the right, creating a cumulative total that is subsequently augmented by the paytable multiplier. This innovative mechanism adds an exciting layer of anticipation to each spin as players watch their potential winnings evolve in real time based on the combination of symbols that grace the reels.

Within this game's intricate ecosystem, premium symbols hold a significant role, offering substantial rewards for those who align the stars in their favor. These premium symbols boast values ranging from 20x to an impressive 50x the initial bet for landing a formidable cluster of 6. These rewards provide an ample incentive for players to chase after winning combinations that can ignite their fortunes.

Furthermore, including the Wild symbol is pivotal in crafting successful outcomes. These Wilds possess the innate ability to substitute for other pay symbols, acting as versatile jokers that help complete winning formations. However, it's important to note that Wild symbols exclusively grace reels 2 through 5, limiting their potential impact to specific grid sections.

About Prosperity Fortune Tree (PG Soft) at BC.GAME

Discover the enchanting world of Prosperity Fortune Tree by PG Soft, now available at BC.GAME. Immerse yourself in a high-variance gaming experience that promises excitement and rewards beyond measure.

With an impressive RTP (Return to Player) of 96.77%, this slot game offers players a competitive edge in their pursuit of fortunes. The high variance ensures that the journey through the game is filled with thrilling highs and the potential for substantial wins, making each spin a heart-pounding adventure.

The Hit Frequency, standing at 31.19, adds another insight into the game's mechanics. This metric indicates how often winning combinations are likely to appear, giving players a glimpse into the frequency of their potential successes.

Feature of Prosperity Fortune Tree (PG Soft)

Discover Prosperity Fortune Tree, the mesmerizing and thrilling follow-up game from PG Soft, with a captivating oriental design. With a 6x4 grid layout, this game offers an incredible 4,096 ways to win. Get ready for a cascade of wins that will leave you speechless, as each consecutive victory increases the progressive win multiplier, which can reach an impressive x5 during the base game.

Unlock a world of thrilling possibilities in the streak respins style bonus round, where anticipation intertwines with strategy. Within this bonus round, players are treated to upgradable prizes, elevating the excitement as you chase after enhanced rewards. Two intriguing modifier symbols spice up the gameplay, promising twists and turns that could change your fortunes in the blink of an eye.

The grand allure of Prosperity Fortune Tree extends to its potential rewards, with an overall maximum win of an impressive 1,513x your initial stake. As you immerse yourself in this electrifying adventure, remember to explore our comprehensive review, thoughtfully crafted to guide you through every aspect of the game. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the world of slots, this game offers an extraordinary experience that's well worth your time. Dive into the free demo game and uncover the secrets hidden within the branches of prosperity.

Cascading Mechanic

The game employs a cascading mechanism wherein winning symbols vanish from the reels, creating room for new or existing symbols to cascade down from above. This mechanic enhances the potential for successive wins within a single spin.

With each cascading win, the progressive win multiplier receives a boost, potentially reaching a maximum of x5. This amplifies the excitement and rewards as your winning streaks evolve.

Bonus Round Trigger

To initiate the Bonus Round, you must secure a minimum of 3 bonus scatter symbols in your view. This ushers you into a streak respins style feature, granting you an initial set of 3 spins.

Within the Bonus Round, triggering symbols transform into bet multiplier symbols, initially ranging from 1x to 5x. Each time a new non-blank symbol lands, the spin count resets to 3, providing ample opportunities to extend your bonus round experience.

Angpau and Golden Angpau Symbols

Angpau symbols and their golden counterparts come into play throughout the bonus feature. Regular Angpau symbols contribute +1 to all present prizes, enhancing your winnings. Golden Angpau symbols, on the other hand, elevate the stakes, adding +1 to all visible prize symbols for subsequent spins within the feature.

Landing 3 Angpau symbols triggers the fusion of these symbols into a larger Golden Angpau. This consolidated symbol accumulates the values from all three Angpau symbols, intensifying the potential rewards.

The culmination of your winnings occurs as the respin tally depletes. At this point, your amassed rewards are calculated and presented to you.

Feature Purchase

For non-UK players seeking an accelerated entry into the Bonus Round, purchasing the feature is available for 75x the initial stake.

Prosperity Fortune Tree (PG Soft): Summary

Prosperity Fortune Tree by PG Soft offers an engaging and visually captivating experience, highlighted by the vivid presence of the animated fortune tree in the backdrop. This comes to life notably in the bonus round, where the transformation of leaves into gold adds an extra layer of excitement. The base game introduces a familiar yet cherished Gonzo mechanic feature, recognized and enjoyed by many players, capable of yielding respectable payouts.

However, while the game's visual and gameplay elements are intriguing, Prosperity Fortune Tree doesn't present groundbreaking innovations in terms of features. The hold-and-win style bonus round showcases prizes that might only be particularly impressive once upgrades are applied. The potential for substantial winnings through the upgrading modifiers is also not guaranteed. A maximum win of 1,513x was achieved after extensive simulations involving 1 billion test spins. This stands in contrast to PG Soft's claim of a 20,000x potential.

Prosperity Fortune Tree offers a blend of visual allure and recognizable mechanics that resonate with players. The game's strengths lie in its visual aesthetics, Gonzo mechanic, and the potential for decent payouts. While the bonus round and upgrading modifiers can enhance rewards, it's essential to approach the game with realistic expectations. Despite the advertised high potential, the actual gameplay simulations indicate a more modest maximum win.

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